NYC Underground Portals

Snapchat Series (@sabrina.barrios) that shows underground portals found in NYC.
This video is part of a bigger project, in which the narrative is translated into art/immersive experiences.

Fossil – room 1




Artist in Residence at The Wassaic Project | October 2015 | Wassaic, NY

Fossil is a multimedia site specific immersive installation. It was created in an old barn and each of its mediums informs the bigger narrative. The space itself has a dark but meditative atmosphere, and the viewer is invited to participate in what feels to be a different dimension, lead by matriarchy.

Geometric symbols and signs of research on alchemy, ancient civilizations and quantum mechanics–that were part of the process–have their own space in the room, and help the observer understand the installation in its totality.

Dos Sonhos Eu Sou o Amor (Of All Dreams I Am Love)

Festival Novas Artes Associadas opens TOMORROW in Portugal (until December 28th).

I’ll be showing a video about love, life and the choices we make. This piece is narrated by a lonely old man, whose sad and bitter stories mention the love he no longer has.

Here is a link for more info: