Crossed Paths


Crossed Paths //// Caminhos Cruzados (2019)
Strings and engraved ink on wood.
New work on view at Casa Voa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Zero–PT subtitles

Zero é uma instalação imersiva que questiona nosso entendimento sobre realidade. A obra é dividida em 3 partes (Blank Slate, Life e Afterlife) e pode ser navegada, sentida com o corpo.
Zero is a 3 part site-specific immersive experience meant to be explored by a single person at a time.

It represents the stages of the soul, spirit and body from before birth to afterlife. The number 0 symbolizes a full circle and thus denotes infinity, completeness and holiness. While engaging in the experience the audience puts on earplugs, so they can hear their own breathing and turn the attention within.

This work was developed during an art residency (Laboratory) in Spokane, WA.

Coup D’etat

Coup D’etat: How They Did It and How To Resist
Two site-specific installations connected through time, separated in space.

Coup D’etat
In 1964 a coup d’etat pushed Brazil into a military dictatorship that lasted until 1985. In 2016 an illegitimate government took over, establishing the end of democracy once again in the country.

How They Did It
The search for power and personal gain mark our era, with patriarchy leading the way. Ruled by white man, exclusive and secret societies were created to keep knowledge among few, so they could dominate the collective consciousness.

Unsolved world’s mysteries such as the Giza Plateau–how the pyramids were built, who built them and why–remain hidden, though recent research claims the existence of an ancient untapped universe under these structures, with an advanced hydraulic system connected to the Nile River.

Our current civilization has limited understanding of what lies under large bodies of water, and our quest for success and daily routine steals attention from the questions we should be asking. New science and quantum physics are now in the verge of discovering hidden dimensions and portals that link distinct places in space and events in time.

In 2016 a bridge to 1964 was found under the Nile River, allowing free access of powerful politicians and the military.

How To Resist
In 2012 the Mayan calendar predicted the end of an era, or, more precisely, our civilization’s move away from the Iron age (dark age). They saw time as a cycle within cycles, and space as infinite. They understood the cosmos and its connections to Earth and to what is underwater.

Through symbolic language our ancestors left clues. Coded messages kept secret by the few in charge, who, despite their desire for control, can’t stop the evolving universe and its arrival at a new era of consciousness. Our perception is slowly expanding. We are aware that the eye does not perceive much and that we live in a reality we can barely comprehend.

In 2016 a bridge to 1964 was found under the Nile River, bringing us a chance to change the collective consciousness.

On view:
How They Did It at The Wassaic Project: June 12th–September 18th, Wassaic, NY
How To Resist at Staten Island Cultural Center: June 11th–September 11th, Staten Island, NY

Coup D’etat: How To Resist


A 2 part installation separated in space. They depict a bridge in time, connecting 2016 to 1964. These dates marked the end of democracy in Brazil, destroyed by a coup d’etat.

Part 2 on view at Snug Harbor Cultural Center (Staten Island, NY) from June 11th to September 11th, 2016.

Portals to Hidden Dimensions

5th Dimension

6th Dimension

8th Dimension

9th Dimension

10th Dimension

11th Dimension

This series of paintings depicts gateways into hidden dimensions.
According to quantum physicists and mathematicians, we are just one universe among parallel worlds, and even though we can only perceive 3 spatial dimensions (height, width, length) and 1 that concerns spacetime, there are other 7 out there–resulting on a total of 11 dimensions.
The research behind this work encompasses ideas that question reality and are translated into paintings that portray the feeling of each hidden dimension, and how a high speed built in portal would interfere in their fabric.

On view in Governors Island, NY (where the 7th Dimension is located), until August 2nd.