About my journey in Rio

Brasil Despedaçado (Shattered Brazil); 2018

Since April I’ve been living in Rio, city that used to be Brazil’s capital and to this day things that might or might not work in the country are tested here first. In February the military took the streets and Brazilians are questioning the real reason for that.

For context, our society is politically divided between the rich and the poor, each having their own perspective–very distinct from the other. A lot has happened since the coup in 2016 that at this point people no longer listen to one another. On top of that intolerance, we’re expecting to have elections this October, though there’s a risk they may not happen. And that would be a repetition of the 1964 (military) dictatorship, that lasted until 1985.

With that in mind and to create work that is relevant because it speaks to all Brazilians NOW; and by using art as an instrument to depict these issues; I’m immersing myself in both worlds, that of the rich and that of the poor. I will be navigating a wealthy area in Rio for a while, then a favela (slum).

My goal is to understand how each side comprehends the world and to point out that even though we all claim to want the best for our country, we are in fact breaking it; and that the only way to fix this is by working together.

The works “Coup D’état”* (2016) and “Brasil Despedaçado” (Shattered Brazil) depict these two recent moments in our history, the first being the cause of the second.

*Coup D’état (2016; strings, fishing wire, UV light; NY)

Sobre minha jornada no Rio_
Em Abril deste ano mudei para o Rio, cidade que costumava ser a capital do Brasil e até hoje coisas que podem ou não funcionar no país, são testadas aqui primeiro. Em fevereiro, os militares tomaram as ruas e os brasileiros estão questionando a verdadeira razão para isso.

Para contexto, nossa sociedade é politicamente dividida entre ricos e pobres, cada um com sua própria perspectiva. Muita coisa aconteceu desde o golpe de 2016 que as pessoas já não se ouvem mais. Para piorar essa intolerância, existe a dúvida da eleição presidencial em outubro, que pode nem acontecer. E isso seria uma repetição da ditadura militar de 1964, que durou até 1985.

Com isso em mente e para criar um trabalho que seja relevante porque fala com todos os brasileiros AGORA; e usando a arte como um instrumento que ilustra essas questões; é parte do meu processo de imersão, enquanto no Rio de Janeiro, estudar e entrevistar os dois lados de um país dividido social e politicamente. Por isso nos próximos meses vou viver duas realidades, morando entre a Zona Sul carioca e a favela da Providência, a mais antiga da cidade.

Meu objetivo é entender como cada lado compreende o mundo e salientar que, embora todos nós afirmemos desejar o melhor para nosso país, estamos de fato quebrando-o; e que a única maneira de corrigir isso é trabalhando juntos.

As obras “Coup D’état” (Golpe de Estado)* (2016) e “Brasil Despedaçado” retratam esses dois momentos recentes da nossa história, sendo o primeiro a causa do segundo.

*Coup D’état (2016; linhas de costura branca, linha de nylon, luz ultravioleta; NY)


Brasil Despedaçado (WiP)


Brasil Despedaçado (Shattered Brazil) is a sculpture that depicts the Brazilian flag in pieces–due to the political crisis happening in the country. It is part of a bigger installation, to take place in a bunker in Rio, built by a diplomat in the 70’s to escape the military dictatorship that lasted 21 years (1964–1985).

SAVE THE DATE: July 21st
At Marques456, Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ley lines | UP NOW

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ley lines
Fall exhibition at The Wassaic Project
with Sabrina Barrios, Kat Clear and Colin Radcliffe
October 7–December 16, 2017

Ley lines are ancient paths in the landscape that are believed to have spiritual significance. Viewers will follow a path throughout the ground floor of the Mill that will lead to all of the pieces created by the three artists. The works of art showcased will offer a look into what these dimensions may look like. With their works, the artists look to ask the question, “Could these otherworldly spaces and places exist alongside our everyday watching us as they remain unseen?” The artwork displayed will offer a unique viewing experience.

Epic of Creation



Epic of Creation (2017; 3 site-specific installations in the woods of Finland: strings, fishing wire, wire, UV flashlight; with audio guide and drawn map of sites and myths/cosmology)

The Epic of Creation is a 3 part site-specific immersive experience that tells the story of the end of matriarchy (and how the patriarchy took over). Through research on ancient myths and neglected history, these pieces depict cosmological events to question what we understand as truth.
Along with the geometric installations built around the forest, a map and an audio guide were created, so the viewer could locate these pieces while listening to the ideas that motivated the work.

The Earth Experiment


Site-specific installation on view at No.4 Studio
April 14th–May 14th
Fri–Sun 1–6pm
361 Stagg St./204, Brooklyn, NY

The Earth Experiment combines ancient knowledge with conspiracy theories. I’m looking into Maya, Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, Greek mythology and internet whistleblowers who claim to have worked at CERN and have hidden information on NASA’s secret space programs. I’m also referring to Plato’s allegory of the cave when including the observer’s shadows in the work.

There are many layers of information attached to this piece. I use visually simple symbols (sacred geometry) to tell a story, but they are charged with meaning, and if you see the work in the flesh, if you are present, you FEEL it (I like to compare it to a dream, in which you can’t always verbalize your experiences, but you often remember their feeling).

Overall, I can say that The Earth Experiment places the viewer inside a matrix (or a bubble), that depicts a dome of invisible energy and represents the reality in which we are stuck in. We perceive nothing outward this one dimension. Outside of this bubble (and out of our reach) there are floating hieroglyphics that make up a totem (or an obelisk), that is a symbol of power and points to the ones in charge, the ones that control the rest of the world. Because whoever controls the information that comes to us, well, controls us.