Paintings and Sacred Geometry





Acrylic, charcoal, pins and strings on wood | 39.8x49cm each | 2019




Há alguns meses venho subindo o morro da Providência (Rio de Janeiro), para entender um mundo até então tão distante. Aí eu mudei para lá e vivenciei uma outra realidade. Dessa experiência nasceu a obra Feixe (2018), uma experiência imersiva de 4 andares no Morro da Providência, criada com muito suor e com a indispensável ajuda das crianças da comunidade.

Para quem tiver no Rio (principalmente no centro): não esqueça de olhar para a lua!

Brasil Despedaçado (WiP)


Brasil Despedaçado (Shattered Brazil) is a sculpture that depicts the Brazilian flag in pieces–due to the political crisis happening in the country. It is part of a bigger installation, to take place in a bunker in Rio, built by a diplomat in the 70’s to escape the military dictatorship that lasted 21 years (1964–1985).

SAVE THE DATE: July 21st
At Marques456, Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Inner Earth Disclosure Project


Grounded on the research of US navy Admiral Richard E. Byrd; CERN and NASA scientists; the work of Jules Verne; and internet conspiracy theories; this multimedia installation discloses the thinking process behind the construction of a floating metaphysical pyramid that opens a portal to the 5th dimension and the inside of the Earth.

Work created at The Studios–MASS MoCA | MA | March 2017

Discovering The Horse Rider & The Eagle

Video documentation of The Horse Rider and The Eagle, an immersive art installation created by Sabrina Barrios, exhibited in Brussels, Belgium (March 2016).

Music by Matt Herron


The Horse Rider and the Eagle is the second chapter of a larger multimedia site-specific installation that depicts a hidden dimension in space, lead by matriarchy.

The viewer is invited to participate in the work of art and to experience each piece with their bodies, while gathering clues to understand the narrative in its totality.

Discovering Fossil

Fossil is a multimedia site-specific immersive installation. It was created in an old barn and each of its mediums informs the bigger narrative. The space itself has a dark but meditative atmosphere, and the viewer is surrounded by ancient knowledge and symbolism, in a cult like environment of a past matriarchal society.

Sacred geometry and hieroglyphics, found in ancient lost civilizations and alchemy, along with studies on quantum mechanics and current pictograms, fill the room to allow the observer–who becomes an active participant–to explore and understand the installation in its totality.

Music by Matt Herron