Degrees of Freedom

Degrees of Freedom

Installation that is part of the Harlem Arts Factory Festival (by Chashama) opens tonight at 6PM in New York


Degrees of Freedom_

In this site specific installation I’m creating three-dimensional geometric drawings that allude to my interest in psychology, metaphysics and quantum mechanics.

My process begins by inserting nails into the ceiling, walls and floor. I then attach different sizes of white thread to these anchors and illuminate the space with black light.

The linear and delicate qualities of my material are references to the drawn line, yet my use of yarn creates palpable volumes and structures that must be physically navigated. I refer to these structures as portals or paths.

Portals that could lead me into a different reality, where another one of me made different choices, and is now living a life I can barely recognize. From this idea I started looking into my own past and questioning my decisions. Moreover, by investigating where I am now and how I relate to other people, I was able to understand that my choices do affect them (and vice versa). Sometimes a single thought may be powerful enough to change their trajectory in an unexpected way, towards or away from me. In this 3D drawing I’m translating, therefore, a captured thought at the exact moment a decision was made.