Saturday Studio Visit | Episode 5

Episode 5:
Sabrina Barrios talks about the legend of Atlantis and what is on the other side of a black hole.


Saturday Studio Visit
Brazilian born–Brooklyn based multimedia artist Sabrina Barrios hosts studio visits with the audience, where she shares her work and practice.

Live and uncensored version every Saturday on Snapchat (sabrina.barrios) and a 1 min. edited version on Instagram (sabrina_barrios).






Aabenraa Artweek | 2015 | Aabenraa, Denmark and Flensburg, Germany

Atlantis is an island of the ancient world, mentioned in Plato’s writings, in which the entire city vanished beneath the waves. Overtime its meaning became associated with advanced prehistoric lost civilizations, and in this installation one can explore the deep Baltic sea, to find the base of a pyramid, as well as its capstone.

Portals to Hidden Dimensions

5th Dimension

6th Dimension

8th Dimension

9th Dimension

10th Dimension

11th Dimension

This series of paintings depicts gateways into hidden dimensions.
According to quantum physicists and mathematicians, we are just one universe among parallel worlds, and even though we can only perceive 3 spatial dimensions (height, width, length) and 1 that concerns spacetime, there are other 7 out there–resulting on a total of 11 dimensions.
The research behind this work encompasses ideas that question reality and are translated into paintings that portray the feeling of each hidden dimension, and how a high speed built in portal would interfere in their fabric.

On view in Governors Island, NY (where the 7th Dimension is located), until August 2nd.