Living Library Project | in the dark


Living Library Project in the dark (hidden clues!)| 2017 | The Fourth AIM Biennial on view at The Bronx Museum, NY | July 22–October 22


Living Library Project



detail upper left


detail upper right

Living Library Project
| 2017 | Acrylic, fluorescent ink, pastel, charcoal, pencil, fabric, newspaper and rocks from Scandinavia* on canvas and wall | The Fourth AIM Biennial on view at The Bronx Museum, NY | July 22–October 22

Library Project
places the viewer outside the Earth, to acknowledge its surveillance. In a mix of ancient knowledge, science and conspiracy theories, this work uses geometry (a symbolic, universal language) to communicate with the collective. The narrative depicts our current now, in which the information available is questionable and full of gaps.

I’m working with statements of former scientists from Nasa and CERN; ancient books on hidden history and alchemy; and internet conspiracy theories; all claiming that our moon is a satellite and humans have been observed since its installment, some 500.000 years ago.

To illustrate such theory, I shared my thinking process on the wall of the Bronx Museum.

The installation combines two paintings and several sketch-like, urgent drawings directly on the wall, that are clues to understanding the bigger picture and seamlessly complete it, to demonstrate different planes, alternate dimensions that may occupy the same space we’re in–likewise, computers and other technologies allow us to have multiple screens open at the same time in the same space.

The paintings have hidden clues (ink that glows in the dark) that disclose other layers of information and theories about how we perceive reality.

*Rocks were collected during my long walks within nature, in the midnight sun of Finland (Tampere and Hämeenkyrö) and Stockholm. They are there to represent the supremacy of the white man, race that is dominant in Europe and supposedly a model for the rest of the world. In the context of the installation, they are the observers, the ones in charge, overseeing Earth from the satellite Moon.

Epic of Creation



Epic of Creation (2017; 3 site-specific installations in the woods of Finland: strings, fishing wire, wire, UV flashlight; with audio guide and drawn map of sites and myths/cosmology)

The Epic of Creation is a 3 part site-specific immersive experience that tells the story of the end of matriarchy (and how the patriarchy took over). Through research on ancient myths and neglected history, these pieces depict cosmological events to question what we understand as truth.
Along with the geometric installations built around the forest, a map and an audio guide were created, so the viewer could locate these pieces while listening to the ideas that motivated the work.

The Earth Experiment


Site-specific installation on view at No.4 Studio
April 14th–May 14th
Fri–Sun 1–6pm
361 Stagg St./204, Brooklyn, NY

The Earth Experiment combines ancient knowledge with conspiracy theories. I’m looking into Maya, Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, Greek mythology and internet whistleblowers who claim to have worked at CERN and have hidden information on NASA’s secret space programs. I’m also referring to Plato’s allegory of the cave when including the observer’s shadows in the work.

There are many layers of information attached to this piece. I use visually simple symbols (sacred geometry) to tell a story, but they are charged with meaning, and if you see the work in the flesh, if you are present, you FEEL it (I like to compare it to a dream, in which you can’t always verbalize your experiences, but you often remember their feeling).

Overall, I can say that The Earth Experiment places the viewer inside a matrix (or a bubble), that depicts a dome of invisible energy and represents the reality in which we are stuck in. We perceive nothing outward this one dimension. Outside of this bubble (and out of our reach) there are floating hieroglyphics that make up a totem (or an obelisk), that is a symbol of power and points to the ones in charge, the ones that control the rest of the world. Because whoever controls the information that comes to us, well, controls us.

Inner Earth Disclosure Project–the walls



Grounded on the research of US navy Admiral Richard E. Byrd; CERN and NASA scientists; the work of Jules Verne; and internet conspiracy theories; this multimedia installation exposes the Hollow Earth theory and other mysteries we struggle to find answers for.

Work created at The Studios–MASS MoCA | MA | March 2017