Sabrina Barrios is a Brazilian Artist and Graphic Designer. She worked for MTV in Brazil, before moving to New York, where she finished her MFA at Pratt Institute. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


I translate my ideas through paintings, drawings, videos and installations.

I’m concerned with questions that involve time, space, life and death. Man’s body and mind – as part of something bigger -, is my current investigation. I look for answers within myself.

My research encompasses psychology, metaphysics, quantum mechanics and cosmology. Interaction with the viewer through tactile elements is another characteristic of my work, that challenges them to think different and experience the art.

I often create geometric palpable volumes that must be physically navigated. I refer to these angular structures (even when bidimensional) as portals, which represent a metaphorical gateway into parallel universes and embody my psychic concerns – I sometimes imagine how my life could be drastically different if I had made other choices.

Repetition emphasizes pain and it is a way to face and fight the uncomfortable. Games and competition that were present in my childhood are re-played and represent a second chance to change the past.

I’m inspired by the Brazilian Neo-Concrete movement of the 60’s and its insights. My work plays with void versus solid, structure versus chaos, as well as illusion and scale, in hopes to give the observer a different perspective of the whole in relation to the self.


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