Zero–Part 1: Blank Slate




“Zero–Part 1: Blank Slate” will be exhibited on May 21st, 8–11pm at 228 W Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA, as part of the Laboratory Residency.

Zero is a 3 part site-specific immersive experience meant to be explored by a single person at a time.
It represents the stages of the soul, spirit and body from before birth to afterlife. The number 0 symbolizes a full circle and thus denotes infinity, completeness and holiness.
– – –
In Locke’s philosophy, blank slate–or tabula rasa–was the theory that human beings are born with no built-in mental content. They acquire data due to sensory experiences. When it comes to ancient knowledge and their religious/mystic beliefs (Alchemy, Spiritism and Egyptian culture, for instance), the thinking was that humans are immortal spirits who temporarily inhabit physical bodies, and after death their souls move on. Moreover, before returning, they go through a cleansing process, where any trace of past experiences is left behind.

Part 1 of the exhibition shows geometric tunnels suspended in the air, representing the energy of the soul and spirit, right before reincarnation.

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