How to Build a Pyramid | documentation

How to Build a Pyramid – Part I: Decoding the Symbols in the Caves. Part II: Understanding the Connections to Constellations | This video shows work in progress, not the final version of the installation | 2014 | Governors Island, NY

How to Build a Pyramid

This site-specific installation demonstrates the evolution of a body of work where I created portals and paths as a metaphor for choices, life and death. Beginning with a series of connected squares, I moved in one direction towards a single, focused point. Eventually, the squares transformed into the four-sided base of a pyramid. This change represents personal growth and self-awareness.

Part I: Decoding the Symbols in the Caves
Part I shows paintings and drawings created directly on the walls of an abandoned building. The viewer can see several elements taking shape: a portal; pyramids both on Earth and under water; and a circle located above a hole that leads nowhere. These three forms – the square, the triangle and the circle – are symbols of alchemy and psychology. Together they represent transformation and growth, as one becomes a whole and an important part of a much greater universe.

There are several layers of information on the walls, written as messages for future civilizations. Each layer of information is covered by the next, and in the process, facts are lost and therefore can be misinterpreted. This process reflects human history: in spite of our ancestors’ efforts, we cannot grasp what they tried to communicate (for instance, in old Egypt).

Part II: Understanding the Connections to Constellations
The second part to this project is a more spiritual experience. It touches upon the discoveries of many pyramids, that can no longer be considered random or alone. These numerous pyramids begin to form patterns, which researchers claim correlate directly to different constellations in the sky. Although this ancient knowledge was almost lost, the inherent metaphor both compares and contrasts the collective consciousness with the physical being (Part I of this installation). While the shapes present in the two pieces are the same (square, triangle and circle), the feeling is completely distinct. Whereas the walls show the immediate and aggressive movements of brushstrokes; in the 3D drawing/UV light installation, time is almost forgotten. Although there is a sense of motion, it is suspended in time and in harmony with the stars. The second work represents the stillness of our core and our connection with what lies beyond Earth.