Perhaps the Mind Never Dies

Perhaps the Mind Never Dies (2012)

Hide-and-Seek Collaborative Duo: Sabrina Barrios and Aderyn J. Wood | 2012 | Governors Island Art Fair, NY
Watch the process:



strings, nails and black light | dimensions variable | 2012 | exhibited at Governors Island Art Fair, NY


In this installation I’m creating three-dimensional geometric forms that allude to my interest in psychology, metaphysics, and quantum mechanics. I refer to these angular shapes as portals, which represent a metaphorical gateway into parallel universes and embody my psychic concerns relating to life and death.

Symbolically, water represents dream-states and the subconscious – that which is below the surface. This drawing is meant to give you the feeling of a plane that has both an above and a below, all the while contained. Moreover, the title of this piece relates to the constellation, as well as the age of Aquarius, that some scholars believe to describe enlightenment and expansion of consciousness.