The Battle of Creation: Trilogy translated into art

In this three part site-specific art installation, the work brings forward the story of Tiamat, the Goddess of Creation for the Matriarchy, the Goddess of Chaos for the Patriarchy. Its interpretation depends on who tells the story.

In this battle, Tiamat and Apsu (The Sun) were the primordial celestial bodies that gave birth to the planets in our solar system. Their children fought against them to rule the Cosmos. Tiamat fought alone against several male Gods, who broke her into two parts, the first resulting in what we know as the asteroid belt, the other, became our Earth.


Nesta instalação site-specific de três partes, a obra apresenta a história de Tiamat, a Deusa da Criação para o Matriarcado, a Deusa do Caos para o Patriarcado. Sua interpretação depende de quem conta a história.

Nessa batalha, Tiamat e Apsu (O Sol) foram os corpos celestes primordiais que deram origem aos planetas do nosso sistema solar. Seus filhos lutaram contra eles para governar o Cosmos. Tiamat lutou sozinha contra vários deuses masculinos, que a quebraram em duas partes, a primeira resultando no que conhecemos como cinturão de asteroides, a outra, tornou-se nossa Terra.


Part 1: Tiamat built in a tent (symbol of the womb); 2017; Finland
//// Parte 1: Tiamat construída em uma tenda (símbolo do útero); 2017; Finlândia

Part 2: Tiamat built over a river (symbol of birth/rebirth); 2019; Brazil
//// Parte 2: Tiamat construída sobre um rio (símbolo de nascimento/renascimento); 2019; Brasil

Part 3 Tiamat built over NY (symbol of ascension); May–September, 2022; NY; NOoSphere Arts
//// Parte 3 Tiamat construída sobre NY (símbolo de ascensão); Maio–Setembro, 2022; Nova York


Brazil Seen From Above (2020)


“As an Artist I feel compelled to create relevant and current work, so we can change things now. This artwork reflects the consequences of a government that is not worried about people. It shows the many graves of the Brazilian population who have died from COVID19 in 2020.”

Real life refs: